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What's New

What's New

- Contract signing ceremony for Contract No. NE/2017/07 - Cross Bay Link, Tseung Kwan O – Main Bridge and Associated Works was held on 8 August 2018

- The Cross Bay Link Main Bridge Contract commenced on 12 July 2018

Wind Tunnel Tests on Steel Bridge Section

The wind tunnel tests were completed in 2017.

Focus Group Meeting with Cyclist Groups​

A focus group meeting was conducted with a number of cyclist groups in June 2015. Views collected are summarized into the following categories:

> Targets
  • Forms part of the future Tseung Kwan O cycle track loop
  • Planter for separation between cycle track and footpath
  • Becomes a popular attraction to the recreational cyclists
  • Possible competition purposes

  • > Cycle Parking Facilities
  • Cycle racks would be provided at each of the 3 viewing platforms to provide more opportunities for cyclists to park their bikes and enjoy the view at the bridge
  • Suggestion : provide more cycle racks along the bridge section.

  • > Alignment and Longitudinal Gradient
  • The alignment and longitudinal gradient below 3% of the proposed cycle track is desirable.
  • Curve widening of cycle track to improve sightline.
  • To facilitate emergency rescue on cycle track, intermittent accessibility provisions alongside the adjacent carriageway would be available.
  • Suggestion : more accessibility provisions to be provided.
  • Suggestion for better coordination of cycle track network in TKO Town Centre South in particular the one adjoining the waterfront area of Area 86.

  • > Ancillary Provisions
  • Cross-Passage along planters to allow cyclists to dismount and return to footpath would be available
  • Suggestion : Cross-Passage provisions at a more frequent intervals, with facilities to discourage possible misuse of cycle track by pedestrians
  • Planter of 450mm high is desirable.
  • Suggestion : encourage alternative finishes with impact absorption materials to reduce the level of possible injury.
  • Suggestion : enhancement on gully grating design or adoption of side grating to minimize possible hazard.
  • Suggestion : additional provision of about 300m long “warm up loop” is proposed in TKO Town Centre South promenade to better facilitate the possible future cycling competition/events.
  • Suggestion : additional separation measures between cycle track and footpath at Road D9 to discourage possible misuse of cycle track.
  • Other Suggestion for new signage/road-marking provisions : white doubled-line to prohibit overtaking at curved section; “slow down” road markings along sloping sections; develop new signages to prohibit possible misuse of cycle track by pedestrian.

    > Associated Suggestions on Adjacent Cycle Track Facilities
  • Planned Southern Footbridge adjacent to the Eastern Channel – Cycle track provisions to provide alternative path in addition to the one provided on the existing footbridge at Eastern Channel.
  • Ocean Shore – Possible connectivity of existing cycle track within Ocean Shore to the planned cycle track network along Tong Yin Street.
  • Suggestion : Possible cycle track connection between TKO district and Yau Tong district via O King Road.